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  Initiating an ongoing immersive dialogue around a counter narrative aimed at reshaping our biases towards one another into a new perception fueled and sustained by genuine respect, complete  inclusivity, equity, human kindness, and recognition of the inherent high value we each possess as global citizens of this


Children Reading the Holy Bible


Understanding and utilizing the powers of narrative to lead us to breakthroughs and new pathways that steer us away from the prevailing toxic and dangerous social structures that have forced us into the current downward social spiral in which we find ourselves.


The only way for us to experience better is to do better.  The only way for us to do better is to know better.  The only way for us to know better is to employ different practices that will lead us to different outcomes and awareness about ourselves and each other.

Support Group
Human Pyramid


The Equal Universe

Tier 1 Members of Our Community:

"The Equals".

Tier 2 Members of Our Community:

"The Equalizers".

Tier 1 Members:

Rest, ReCover,  Heal, Feel Accepted , Embraced, Included, Understood, Supported, UpLifted, Celebrated +Access Resources...

Tier 2 Members:

Visionaries, Trail Blazers, Pro-Active Action Takes Towards Creating Inclusive Human Sustainable Global Change.  All Are Welcomed In The Equal Universe.

Support Group Session

Value Assets

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Becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable, until we no longer are.  To create and foster a completely safe space where participants can discuss both their individual and shared experiences, find support, create, build strong

self-awareness, self-enhancement, self-empowerment,

assign high self-value, self-validation, self-appreciation,

self-commitment, self-celebration, encouragement, healing +strength.  How we view ourselves, how we feel internally will largely project outward onto what we do and onto the interactions with those with whom we engage. Last, to implement transformation and sustainable solutions towards eradicating bias, marginalization, overall human disparity, and global inequities.

Human Kindness

How do you define Equal?


How do you view, assign value to, and engage with yourself?


How do you view, assign value to, and engage with others?                                                                                 

Beauty in Pigmentation

Okay wYourSelf

Module One: 

Your Internal + And External View...

To ReImagine Tomorrow we must first reimagine ourselves.  And then we must reimagine each other.

Module Two:

Nature vs. Socialization and the two different stories they each tell us about who we are.

Module Three:

Define Yourself.  Don’t allow others to.                                                                                      


Equal is a place where those who endure mental health and physical ability challenges are no longer viewed as strange, but as much a part of our human family as anyone else.  Where those who look different or choose different from the considered majority and perceived norm are no longer excluded.  A place where we have every permission to

accept, to embrace, to celebrate ourselves and each other.  As this social shift evolves we can invite other brands and organizations who have a global footprint to partner with us and voice what mirrors us all

by acknowledging and standing in support of the common thread and shared desire that lives at the core of who we are and connects each of us, to all of us, Equal Value, Equal Beauty, Equal Power.


Approval? Why seek what you already have?  Nature itself has

already declared you approved.  The evidence, is the fact that you

exist.  Only those athletes who qualify can participate in the

Olympic Games.  Is Life not the Game Of All Games?  Only those

who qualify, receive "Approval", to enter into its domain.  This is

the domain we call "LIFE".  What each of us offers to this world is a

beauty that it has never withnessed before.  Nor will It ever witness

it again.   Be Who You ARE.  You are a wonder of nature's own

intentional design.  Your uniqueness is a beauty that can never be

altered.  It simply is.  Non-Negotiable.  Stand in the awareness of

your uniqueness.  Understand that your uniqueness expressing

itself throughout every facet of your being is irrefutable proof of

your immeasurable value, power, and singularity.  No One can

compete with you because there is no one else like you.  There

is only one person in Your Lane, You. You are a Category of One. 

By design, the only one of your kind.  The globally accepted criteria

for value is a single measure.  Rare.  The more rare something is,

the more valuable it is.  Based on that measure, if Rare is the critera

for value, and you are the only one of you that exist in this

world, then how valuable does that make you?  I'll wait.

Your Beauty Is


The most valuable component of any structure is its foundation. 

No structure, human, social, brick +mortar, can either exist, stand, or sustain without it.  Value our pillars.  Recognize that it is we who stand on their shoulders.  It is they who are designed and tasked with bearing the weight of curating our existance, insuring our well-being and building us for survival. They are our Blessing.  They are never our burden. 

They are our assets.  They are by design,our enduring treasure.

Support +Celebrate our pillars.

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