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The assignment of low to no human value masquerading itself as hate, racism, bias, micro aggression to physical violence of various types and other social inequities is an "Our" problem that requires a "We" solution.  So join us, as "Together" is the only successful path forward.  The human body exists in unison.  It survives in unison.  It thrives in unison.  Like humanity, the body is a single unit made up of numerous individuals, each different one from the other, but functioning in cooperation and support of one another.

Join The Solution

"Together" is nature's tried and proven template for success.  Teams amass championships when they play "Together".  Orchestras produce masterpieces of sound when their inidividual expressions connect to compliment one another as they ebb and flow in a harmonious blend "Together."  These shared moments and experiences enable the individuals immersed in them to see what connects each rather that what divides all.  Forging and fostering relationships to the benefit of all that are privy to them.  Even machines successfully achieve their designed intent when they operate in sync.  Adopting this appproach, adapting our choices and behaviors to counter the narratives that encourage us to resist one another will undo them as a consequence.  This is the vaccine and the cure that will move us towards healing and a full recovery.  Ultimately, providing us a way to free ourselves from "The Box" that the narative divices of descention have placed and held us in for far too long.  If we allow it to, Value Recognition  +Value Assignment narratives like "Equal" will course its way into the bloodstream of our global cultures and result in the

up-rooting of all value-deficient postures and practices we have been conditioned to operate from.  Abandoning value-deficient practices will set us on a course towards transformation.  Our choice to view, assign value to and engage both with ourselves and others from the understanding of our high inherent natural worth is the only human solution humanity can sustain within its inherent design. 

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