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"I am an African American man

who grew up in the south.

Memphis, Tennessee. 

 I later moved to Los Angeles, CA. from Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

While living in Mpls., I met

"Prince" Rogers Nelson.

I met George Floyd at the

Conga Latin Bistro in

February of 2018 "

The Path Forward

My creative accomplishments include works that have been celebrated by the Grammy Society's Recording Acadamy Of Music. 

My music has appeared in numerous syndicated Emmy, Golden Globe and NAACP Image Award winning shows as well as

along-side legendary music icons such as Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blidge, Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, Angie Stone, India Arie, Estelle and Jill Scott. 

I also share music and television history with one of the greatest music and feature film legends of all times.  A true 21st century Renaissance Man.

The incomparable, "Prince" Rogers Nelson. 


Despite my achievements, there are those who reduce me solely to the color of my skin and do not value my worth because of the socially constructed mold their ideas of humanity are shaped by.  Consequently, I have witnessed, experienced first-hand and continue to endure the plight of the unvalued, the under-valued, the marginalized, the under-served coupled with the traumas and tragedies the divisive narratives of hate and bias have left and continue to leave with us all in their wake. 


All human social disparity eminates from a single cause.  A "You Are Not Valuable BeCause..."   narrative.  In order for us to survive as a humanity we have to begin to function as our inherent natural design insists we do.  That inherent natural design is based in a dual principle.  "Value Recognition"

and "Value Assignment". 

Until we understand that our inherent high value is a constant and construct of nature and the natural world itself and not a variable based on societal approval, trends, opinions, status, financial gain, the lack of it, social influence, social acceptance, the lack of it or any other external landscape that fosters the invalidation of our inherent human worth, we will find that we are without the ability to assign that value either to ourselves or to others.  Assignment of these two main value components will move us towards healing, recovery and ultimately transformation.  Transformation alone is the only sustainable human solution.  

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